Art as a mirror

In a world dominated by computers and virtual reality it is of the utmost importance to reflect upon
the basis of life;

  • to keep track on our fundamental organic existence,
  • to realise we are part of nature,
  • to understand that man and wife are basically one.

If you are of the opinion that we now live in a world dominated by polarization not only in our attitude towards each other but also in our dealings with nature you will find in this book an antidote.

You will come across explorations of love and life with the emphasis on fusion and connection.
For it is the explicit belief of the artist that this attitude is the essence of human existence.
By mirroring this in his paintings he tries to play tribute to our precious soul.

All this, in the hope, that eventually our soul will not be diminished, shattered or even disappear altogether.

The book consists of three parts:

  • the first part is a selection from the correspondence with friend, gallery owner and writer Joyce Tulkens,
  • the second part shows the paintings of the artist,
  • the third part is a selection from the letters to his longtime friend and colleague, the painter Maria van der Wijst.

The focus of attention in the letters is always on the accompanying painting, to tell the reason why it was painted or to elaborate on its concerning theme.

It is a Dutch language publication, (in due course also available in English).
Hardcover 280 pages, height 29 cm, width 24 cm, Swiss binding.

A limited and numbered edition of 100 copies.
Price: € 75,-